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Ben Kroutil February 14, 2022
"Excellent archery shop. Rob helped us and dialed in my daughter on her first bow. Thank you very much."
Evan Lehmann February 7, 2022
"Great experience as a first time bow hunter, dude took the time to answer any question i had and really help make me feel comfortable with my bow, 10/10 highly recommended, and i will be back when i upgrade👌 …"
Earl O'Dell February 5, 2022
"Probably the best pro shop I’ve been to. The folks here really make you feel welcome and like family. Everyone is knowledgeable and experienced. Everyone has a great sense of humor and a genuine passion for the sport. And my god can they tune a bow here. Huge thank you to the team here."
Ty Ty January 14, 2022
"Haven’t shot in years, though I’ve been apart of archery since I was 6 years old. Anyway, I had long since out grown my compound bow, and I finally decided that it was far past time I get myself back into it, and buy myself a new bow. Because of my old shop closing down years ago, I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to take my business, but since Lodi Archery was closest, I decided on them. I walked in knowing my budget and that was about it (I’ve done archery for years, but never got into the technicalities of it all, I just knew how to shoot and knew that I loved it). So, I walk in and tell them that it was time for an upgrade, told them my budget and within 5 minutes they had a bow picked out for me. It shot very similar to my old one, so not knowing what I was looking for, I felt at home with the one they chose. I felt like I was royalty with the amount of time and care they gave me. They dialed in my draw length and weight, the let off, my sight. Everything. I knew I had found a new home shop because they made me feel like they really wanted me there. They genuinely wanted to make sure I found exactly what I was looking for. -It’s hard nowadays to find real people who truly care about their craft, but these guys are the real deal- So, to wrap up this extensive story, I walked in not knowing what I wanted and ended up leaving with exactly what I needed. Thank you guys again so much for the wonderful experience. I had forgotten how much of a community archery has and how everyone just wants to see each other improve. I’ll be sure to come by again very soon. You guys are amazing 🤩"
Craig Falkenberg January 4, 2022
"So I’m about 6 months new to archery and I’m really enjoying it and I hear mix reviews about this place. But finding out that the go out of there way to help customers and take there time with people and answer all your questions in very fine detail helps a lot with archery. I would be more then happy to go back anytime that I need something or just to ask questions. But I would highly recommend going there. I do like that they save work orders. So if you need something specialized to you. That you can give them a call and tell them what you need and it can be Ordered or set up for you when you get there"
Dan Mckenzie February 14, 2021
"Great shop, quality supplies and work. If you're an archer this is the place to go"